Clown Workshop with Peter Shub - How to Always Be Funny Sometimes

10:30 - 17:30

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Learn the key foundations of being funny. This workshop is for everyone because it’s not so much that clowns are special people, but rather, in every person is a special clown

Getting people to laugh requires genuine humor, which is definitely about more then telling jokes. It’s all about connection.

Peter helps you to discover this connection through the poetry and comedy of YOU, which happens when you start listening to what’s happening in your body and what’s occurring in the space you’re in.

This is a chance to increase your self awareness and find the joy of the clown through playing together.

Peter uses theater techniques that help people embrace their humanity. He does not offer a system but rather an invitation to open your pandoras box of creative inspiration and find the joy of being yourself in front of people. Learn to hug your own humanity

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