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11 – 12 February 2023

3 hours per day

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ROPE MANIPULATION – understanding knots

During this session, I will share a series of methods that I have developed in the last two years as part of my Master studies at DOCH in Sweden. Focus of the first half of the seminar is ROPE MANIPULATION: A series of task-based improvisation approaches to create confined spaces of research within which the practitioners can experiment freely on the aerial apparatus. The emphasis of such exploration is the study and a deeper understanding of knots, as well as experiencing knots as opportunities for creative research. The intention is to stimulate to think through movement, make conscious choices and expand knowledge of our practice through personal experience. What happens if the focus and essence of what we do shifts from the tricks to the tasks and intentions we set ourselves? What if we move from somewhere else? What if transitions become the trick itself?



Rather than approaching rope as an object to master with the intention to display my tricks, I became interested in a process of re-introduction to my discipline through my subjective, intuitive approach. During the pandemic, I decided to stop defining rope as an object, rather I prefer to refer to it as a body. And so, it changed my whole perspective and approach to it. My focus since has been to “give life” to the rope, to investigate how to make it an active partner in my research and to relate to it horizontally. This session is dedicated to the investigation of the non-verbal dialogue we can create with our apparatus through a process of deconstruction of the practice. Sensing it, exploring the actions and qualities that make our props what and how they are as well as the actions that make the rope(silks)–doing and focusing on the question WHAT IS THERE OF ROPE (SILKS) IN ME? CAN MY APPARATUS CHOREOGRAPH ME? IF SO, HOW? We will stay in very close connection to the ground. As part of this session, I will also share some of the sequences I created with rope on the ground.


Originally from Sicily, grew up all over.

I am currently studying at ICCAR (International Circus Centre for Artistic Research) after having just finished my Master studies at DOCH in Contemporary Circus Practices in June 2022. Prior to this I studied Etienne Decroux’ mime techniques at Moveo in Barcelona and graduated at Circomedia in Bristol and the National Centre for Circus Arts in London in 2014.

Movement research through knots and sensingis the core of my creative research. My workshops are designed to encourage participants to develop their style, words and language through approaches aimed at allowing to think through movement and experience rope personally and intimately for a more conscious and in-depth practice.

My work is interdisciplinary. I use writing, movement, photography, videography and crochet as part of my investigation.

I believe in structured improvisation, in verbal and physical communication with animate and inanimate bodies (meaning the apparatus) as the most natural and therefore most obvious approach to create.

To see more of my research, here is my instagram: gaiamoves
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