Acro Dance Masterclass with Antonio Arbués

Acrobatics with movement. Requirements: basic acrobatics and/or dance.

Acro-dance classes for intermediate/advanced level.

Objectives - Deconstruct academic acrobatics through a more sensitive and subtle approach. To provide tools to take ownership of acrobatics. To generate an idea of continuous movement to connect one acrobatics to another.

For whom - For people who want to approach acrobatics from the fluidity and organicity of the body.

group warm-up, duet work to awaken and sensitise the body; contact dance basics.

Passages on the floor where repetitive acrobatic movements will be approached, progressively increasing in level and complexity.

Individual or group improvisation/exploration phases to put into practice what has been learnt in class.

About Antonio:

Born in 1994 in Lisbon where he started artistic gymnastics at the age of 5 at the "Ginàsio Clube Português". In 2013 he obtained the Bachelor in aerial acrobatics and vertical dance delivered by the Chapitô School (Lisbon), the following year he entered the preparatory year of the National School of Circus Arts of Rosny-sous-bois (Paris), in double specialization, bascule and acro- dance.

In 2015, he entered the Bordeaux circus school where he specialised in acrobatics and acro-duo. In 2017 he continued his training at the professional school "Le Lido" in Toulouse.

In 2019 he collaborated with the dance company "Groupe Noces" for a replacement in the show "Je suis Tigre", then started a new creation "Baal" in October 2020. The following month she finished the third year of the Lido School, during which she developed an acrobatic clown number.

He is currently working as a performer in the new creation "NEMESIS" of the French-Spanish company (Accidental Company) and also in the creation of "BAAL" with the French company Groupe Noces.
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